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Millie believes that your brand should leave a lasting impression. She helps new and existing businesses to tell their brand's story through their space.


When Yas Bean approached Millie via Instagram, she were thrilled at the prospect of working alongside this ambitious, local startup.

Following a lockdown launch, Yas Bean were already on the road to bigger things. Outgrowing their coffee trailer, they took a huge risk, signing a lease on a run down, out of town premises. As a fledgling business, establishing a strong identity was essential. The flagship site's aesthetic would define this brand and set the bar for customer and industry expectations.

Time spent with owner Mika prior to any design work was detrimental. It enabled Millie to gain a thorough understanding how he wanted the space to feel, how he wanted his customers to feel and how his unique personality was already informing his business decisions on a macro level from each stock item to the local suppliers he was carefully curating.

Millie took all this information and distilled it into a unique, branded aesthetic concept that would cover all elements of the physical space.

Working closely with Yas Bean, she mapped out their ideal customer journey. We would create a space where all the boxes whether consumables, merchandise or social media shares, would be ticked along the way. 

Equipped with a concept and a clear vision of the Yas Bean customer journey, Millie used expertise and creative thinking to design a layout that would cleverly optimise the existing quirks and architectural features of this traditional terrace. 

As well as serving 'grab and go' coffee, Mika was looking to introduce a retail element so we worked on creating an enticing environment for customers as well as a smooth operation for staff.

With a constantly evolving product range, in the service areas, flexibility and space saving ideas were essential. The design included compact and contemporary window bench seating, a slimline backbar and a carefully planned bar layout. 

#0011 Yas Bean Cafe Moodboard.png
Yas Bean 3d for website (1).png
#0010 Yas Bean Cafe General Concept.png

The colour palette was bold, bright and instantly recognisable. It was carried throughout the scheme with every detail, from the bar cladding to the bathroom and bespoke decorative plants. 


The innovative retail spaces were also designed with flexibility at the forefront and included bespoke, moveable stepped podiums in the brand colours both for shop floor merchandise and a mini bar top POS display. A giant pegboard featured Yas Bean own brand merchandise, while bespoke, pull out under stairs storage housed extra stock, keeping the shop floor chic and minimal.






Formerly a dark and dingy recording studio, Millie & her team took the space back to brick and then, transformed it. From lighting plans to detailed bar and seating specification, not only did she design and implement all the creative elements, she managed budgets and trades too.

The level of detail in design documents paired with a hands on, straight talking approach resulted in a smooth project. An outcome delivered on time, on budget and in line with the agreed aesthetic.

One of the best parts of completing a project like this is hearing a client's feedback.


Check out what Yas Bean owner Mika had to say about working with Millie in the video below.


Since their launch in August 2021, Yas Bean have been
featured in The Guardian and Cheshire Life Magazine
and are currently looking for a second venue.

Millie continues to work with Yas Bean on an ongoing
consultancy basis for 'all things aesthetic'. 

Check out
Yas Bean on instagram.

Kickback Coffee Self Serve Transparent.png


Independent coffee roaster Kickback Coffee asked Millie to design a self service coffee station for a company pitch deck. 

Following an in-person meet (and a delicious flat white), Millie created a 3d model of the proposal, based on the brief and brand guidelines. 

Check out Kickback Coffee on Instagram.


With a chain of 6 Italian restaurants in the Glasgow area, La Vita group continues to grow with La Vita Barrachnie as the newest addition to the portfolio.


Interior Design firm Severino Group contacted Millie, requesting authentic decor to dress the pizzeria for its grand opening. 


Millie sourced, curated and supplied over 400 individual Italian objects for this project including original framed artworks, Murano glass, dried foods & sweets, antique Venetian mirrors and Majolica pottery.

With Italian heritage and authenticity as a key factor in the brief, Millie's knowledge and resources were paramount to the delivery of this concept.

Check out La Vita on Instagram.

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