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Dear Diamond Diary,

I sometimes think that it would be a lot easier to just get a steady, 9-5 job where I have guaranteed income and some kind of structure my life but then I get a week like this, so much variety! 

💎Can’t get enough of my new lippy from @official_radioactive_unicorn - wore it out for a dinner with my hockey pals and it stood up to the test of cuzza & wine so an even bigger win 💄

💎Spent a couple of days at @shopwithsueryder - this week I made a spring florals display, after 3 days of HAILSTONES a girl has to dream… 🌸

💎Finally photographed & uploaded a load of new stuff to the shop, obsessed with this Diesel ‘Superior Females’ tee, dinosaurs, grungey design & added rhinestones- what more could a girl ask for? 🦖

💎Started a really exciting interior design project working on a complete refurb of an old farmhouse- I’m thinking super chic modern rustic vibes, can’t wait to get into the details! 🪑

💎Really enjoyed working on set in the most boujee house for a commercial with @eightengines. Art Directing is something I’ve started doing more recently and I absolutely love it! I basically have to make everything look amazing on screen, the tiniest details always make the difference so this is totally my cup of tea. Who knew that cutting and arranging identically proportioned carrot batons was a job? 🥕

💎Song of the week has got to be @thesmithsofficial ‘Reel Around the Fountain’ which for some reason I can’t stop listening to. I love it when you rediscover an old goldie 🦋

Can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me… I’m hoping to get my Scotland shopping tour vid done, share more style with you, finish decorating my bedroom and there’s another project on the cards too. One thing’s for sure, it’s certainly never dull 😂

Hope you all had a brilliant week, lemme know what you’ve been up to! 


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