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How to make your brand stand out…

Standing out from the crowd is something I’ve never shied away from so why would my brand be any different!?

Social media is a one of the best visual tools when it comes to building both brand visibility & loyalty and with a recent study from GWI finding users spending an average of 2hrs, 23mins a day scrolling, instantly grabbing the attention of users is more important than ever.

The vintage and preloved fashion market is growing by the day. The search term ‘vintage style’ generally pulls up images of floral prints, sepia colours and old fashioned fonts so when it came to creating my own brand, I was determined to make something memorable and instantly recognisable.

For my branding & logo I chose:

🖤 Black for a contemporary, moody feel

🤍White for a bold contrast

💚Acid Green for vibrancy & energy

💎A diamond logo & name; something timeless, valuable, something you covet, something that sparkles ✨, a girl’s best friend.

🖋️A handwritten font for a personalised, more typically ‘vintage’ touch.

I use my accent green as often as I can, with big statements like key pieces of clothing down to more subtle nods like a wall logo in the background, a punky beret pin, or a tiny diamond badge on a black jacket.

My bold colour palate is now becoming synonymous with me as an individual. My instagram followers comment green hearts 💚, tag me in comments on other pages ‘this is so you @themilliediamond!’ and send me messages sharing clothing they know i’ll love.

So what does this mean?

✅ increased engagement

✅ initial sales

✅ increased visibility

✅ return sales

✅ brand loyalty

As my brand grows, so does my intrinsic belief that being different is something to be proud of.

Be bold, be yourself and don’t ever be afraid to make a statement.


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In the neutral, marshmallow colours of that compilation, you stand out like a sherbet fountain! 💚

Replying to

I certainly try! 💚⛲️💥

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