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Last week I headed over for a catch up with my super cool clients MM Latex, an independent contemporary latex fashion brand emerging from a love of vintage fetishwear & alternative materials. With a thriving business and limited studio space, the brand's designer/makers had contacted me to organise and overhaul their Cheshire based studio.

I was already following the gals and their creations on Instagram so it was amazing to be asked

to work with an alternative, edgy brand i'm already familiar with!

With their unique designs & business requirements covering multiple processes & functions, the designers found their space & surfaces became easily cluttered and the management of materials & components difficult to sustain. 

To bring order to the space, I worked with the business' beauties on a number of key changes to the layout, to enable a better use of space. Creating designated areas for each process and a sleeker 'flow' from one to the next was key! Once the layout was nailed, I also provided a detailed, bespoke specification with ideas and sources for clever storage solutions. As well as operational design and space planning, I also provided an aesthetic, 'client friendly' concept to showcase the personality & craftsmanship that really makes this business unique. 

The MM Latex team chose to manage their own trades & install so it was super exciting to pop back and see how my designs have come to life. They are loving their studio ✨ glow up✨ and are thrilled to be working in a light, bright (and damn CUTE) space that delivers both a sleeker process for their practical requirements and a more minimal, uncluttered & open feel!


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