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Creating aesthetic, optimised, 'wow factor' spaces that will stop your customers in their tracks.


With their long established bricks and mortar shop desperately in need of a refresh, thriving retail business Moo Bou asked Millie to design, supply and install a full 'glow up' to bring their physical space in line with their recent web rebrand. Our mission was to bring the physical space bang up to date, a visual experience of the new and improved Moo Bou brand.

Working closely with Mou Bou owner Jen, Millie took a lot of time planning the operational elements of the space. With a contemporary and minimal space in mind, the challenge was planning the space for maximum efficiency. The large volumes and high turnover of stock required clever solutions for 'zones' to conceal less aesthetic operational processes. 

Millie worked from the new Moo Bou branding guidelines to create a visual concept that would feel not only sleek and modern but also inviting and unintimidating. The Moo Bou brand is fresh and fashion forward, referencing disco, rock n roll, scandi and boho. The scheme would include small nods to these elements in a pared back and minimal way. 


A fine balance was required, a showcase of the brand's personality with enough space for the merchandise to shine. The interior colour palate was created from the brand guidelines. Pale neutrals gave the space a warm and earthy base- a putty shade for the walls & soft furnishings, and a pale wood for furniture & shelving. Brass fixtures and fittings added further warmth and a sense of luxury.

The real power and essence of Moo Bou came from the accent colours- black and coral. The signature bright coral shade was used sparingly on the underside of architectural beams, the inside of door frames and a selection of merchandising accents.
Suspended elements added character to the interior. To create a WOW factor and add heaps of personality, Millie's team
 installed a pair of feature garment rails and a large bespoke pampas & disco ball display in the centre of the shop.

Large graphic shapes painted in brand colours were also suspended in the window & centre of changing room space- a fun and on brand way to display feature products.

Moo Bou 3d web.png


Since their glow up, the Moo Bou store is now bang up to date and more importantly, thriving!

With a consistent brand, sleek aesthetic and and improved customer experience, the only way is up. 

Check out Moo Bou on Instagram.



The Sue Ryder Macclesfield store had no way of identifying and merchandising their vintage stock from the large amount of donations they receive and with the popularity of sustainable shopping increasing at a dramatic rate, the opportunity for promoting their vintage stock was one to be grasped with both hands.

Working for one of the UK's most established charities is something Millie has been doing with much pride. Creating an allocated area for vintage pieces, Millie collected, curated and merchandised a vintage display for the shop using only donated items.  

The vintage department now contributes to a considerable amount of the store's weekly take.   


Millie is still working on the store's vintage department, merchandising & window displays. She plans to share her knowledge of vintage with the team in a hope to grow the department and therefore increase the amount of money raised for this brilliant charity. 

Sue Ryder is a charity running predominantly on donations & equally amazing volunteers. 

Check out Sue Ryder Shops on Instagram.


MM Latex is an independent contemporary latex fashion brand emerging from a love of vintage fetishwear & alternative materials. With a thriving business and limited studio space, the brand's designer/makers contacted Millie to organise and overhaul their Cheshire based studio. 

With their unique designs & business requirements covering multiple processes & functions, the designers found their space & surfaces became easily cluttered and the management of materials & components difficult to sustain. 

To bring order to the space, Millie worked with the business owners on a number of key changes to the layout, to enable a better use of space. Creating designated areas for each process and a sleeker 'flow' from one to the next was key. Once the layout was nailed, Millie also provided a detailed, bespoke specification with ideas and sources for clever storage solutions. 

As well as operational design and space planning, Millie also provided an aesthetic, 'client friendly' concept to showcase the personality & craftsmanship that really makes this business unique. 



MM Latex are now loving their  studio glow up in a space that delivers both with their practical requirements and a more minimal, uncluttered & open feel.

Check out MM Latex on Instagram.

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